And my first post was …

My post on this forum thread was my first one on apparently.

It was 8 years ago and WordPress didn’t have a plugin system and wouldn’t have until later. I had integrated Smarty into the b2++ project, with a nifty versioned template editor and even looked at doing the same with WordPress. Smarty had a plugin system that could be used in theory but nothing came of it.

What was your first post on the forum? Look in your profile to find out!

What's in a Name?

I’m looking for a name for my WordPress+Smarty+multiblog hack. On IRC earlier, Liam thought up “Warty” which, while getting in “arty” from Smarty and the W from WordPress is slightly inappropriate.
Kae suggested, “SmartPress” which I like. What do you think?
.. Says Donncha the lad with no imagination ..

Smarty Plugins Working in WP!

Yay! I got the “relatedstories” plugin working! The hardest bit was converting to use $wpdb instead of the PHP MySQL interface. I love that I could call get_permalink in post.html to figure out the story link:

{if $relatedstories}
  <b>Related Stories</b> ({$relatedstoriesWords})
  {foreach from=$relatedstories key=key item=story}
    <li> <a href="{get_permalink id=$story->ID}" >{$story->post_title}</a></li>

WordPress, Smarty and Multi-Blogs

My Smarty powered and mult-blog capable version of WordPress is now running on this site. It’s not perfect at all, but I have a simple script that exports the current blogs here to the WP table format. This blog content lives there already!
I really need to get Smarty caching going soon however!
Link coming in a few days, but TBH, it’s simple to find if you think about it :)
Later … Caching’s working, based on URL and user_ID, WordPress developers, is that enough to key the cache by? Also figured out that I need to sanitize_title() all my post titles into post_name before permalinks will work! Doh!

WordPress Multi Blogs

Lots of ideas flying around the web: 1, 2, 3 by Matt, 4, 5, 6

I like the thin layer approach advocated by Ruben the best. I spent the last 2 nights attempting to coax WP into inserting a %wpblog% variable into the URL but it’s too intrusive and it’ll make tracking official releases of WordPress more difficult. Right now, my work is a “hack” on top of WP and I don’t want to spend time duplicating what other WP developers will do in the future.
When can you expect something from all this work? Maybe as early as next week! Keep yer eyes peeled!

Most Recent Posts

Here’s a new plugin for you all here to play with!
{lastposts} return the most recent posts on your blog!
It has one parameter, posts, which is an integer between 1 and 20 to return that number of posts.

{lastposts posts='20'}
{if $lastposts != ''}
<br /><b>Most Recent Posts</b><br />
{foreach from=$lastposts key=key item=title}
<nobr><a href="{$siteurl}/archives/p/{$key}/c/1/more/1" title='{$title}'>{$title|truncate:50:"..."}</a></nobr><br />