Lucky Escape for Skydivers

When two planes collide it was lucky everyone had parachutes on. They all survived, even the pilots. One plane landed but the other pilot had to bail out. I think I read he had to use a reserve parachute to escape.

This is an extended 1080p version of the grainy video that was out a few weeks ago. It has footage from multiple Gopro cameras mounted on the helmets of the divers. Amazing that nobody was injured or killed.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts?

From the “so obvious I should have known” department.

I was watching a gaming video and the start of the video was really slow. I realised that I rarely fast forward through YouTube videos and when I do it’s with the mouse to skip big chunks of video.
I only wanted to skip the bit about the game menu and the mouse would have been painful clicking on the progress bar all the time. What about the keyboard? I had read that using j and k goes back and forward but it didn’t work for me so I searched for this most obvious of answers and found this page.

J and K still don’t work but right and left arrow do the job and there are also many other controls!

/Captain Obvious