Yes, finally fixed the SSD freezing my computer!

TL;DR If your computer is freezing after installing an SSD change from AHCI to IDE mode in the BIOS.

Argh! This has been driving me slightly mad for a while. I bought a Samsung 840 SSD a few weeks ago to make things a bit faster. It does too, mostly to the boot up (which I rarely do, this machine is on 24×7) but it feels smoother in day to day tasks too.


I keep the Lightroom catalogue on the SSD, Windows 7 is on there too but most apps, all games and all photos are on other drives.

It worked fine for a while but then it started freezing and stuttering without warning. It was usually when I had a few dozen Chrome tabs open, Firefox running, Skype, xchat, and various services going. The mouse cursor would disappear and the keyboard would stop working for about 5 seconds. Then the problem would go away for a while.

It came back this morning with a vengeance. If I reloaded a browser tab I was guaranteed to freeze my PC.

I had gone searching for solutions before. I’m not the only one with this problem but forum threads were usually:

  • Filled up with replies from people saying, “me too”.
  • A few brave souls asking for log files
  • Suggestions to update firmware and BIOS
  • Solitary pleas for help.

I made sure my SSD firmware was updated (it was) and updated the BIOS of my ASUS P8Z77-M motherboard for the first time to no avail. No change. I was getting ready to put Windows back on the original disk.

Finally, one last desperate search later, I came across this thread and in the same search this page suggesting two methods I hadn’t tried. I did not try disabling LPM (some sort of power saving mod) but I did change the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE. Supposedly the SSD won’t work as well, but it fixed the stuttering and freezes, probably because it apparently disables power saving mode too, or so I’ve read.

Phew. No more stutters! If I hit any performance problems I’ll try the LPM trick with the registry.

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16 thoughts on “Yes, finally fixed the SSD freezing my computer!”

  1. My PC started freezing again this morning, so I checked the event viewer and found this error I had noticed before but discounted:

    The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:


    I’m not the only one with this error and the solution seems to be to downgrade my Nvidia driver to 314.22.

    Hopefully this will fix the freezes. If it does I’ll enable AHCI again.

      1. Glad I could help Melibellule! I’m not upgrading my Nvidia drivers unless I need to, and since I have no interest in play Battlefield 4 that won’t be any time soon!

    1. For me this didn’t fix it, but rather disabled my pc from even booting :D My solution was to apply the setting “never put hdd to sleep” in the control panel. If you look SSD, never allow disk to sleep on the web, you’ll find a lot of threads where ppl had they’re pc freezing up.

      1. you can’t do this type of change (AHCI to IDE) after you installed your OS,of course it won’t start properly then. You must do it BEFORE you install your OS. However, I have read somewhere that there IS a workaround so that you can keep the old OS, something with a registry and drivers, not sure – google it and you’ll find it quickly.

        1. it can dude. you will found the way to change it even after you installed your OS but as much as i know (and already did) it only work on win7/8/8.1. you can found it so easy on google.

          in win7 you can change to ahci right away because it locked in regedit so just unlocked it there will let you change to ahci with out blue screen after boot. when in win8/8.1 it not really locked, it just need you to boot on safe mode after change to ahci in bios that all you need to do.

          and finally you can switch back and forth your sata mode without to reinstall os. just study more on google, people do this for years.

  2. I had a huge problem with NVIDIA driver. My computer would crash, stutters and freeze for no reason. I ran multiple tests everything came out with no errors. I got 840 SSD thinking I have an HDD issue, no way the same problem kept happening all over again. As soon I rolled back NVIDIA driver to 314.22 since no issue what so ever.

    1. I tried the Nvidia driver rollback did not help. I also tried tried the regular edit for that data port Andes that did not help either. Finally I installed the Intel rapid device driver which upgraded the sata hdd drivers and that worked. But I had to re clone my original drive.

  3. Same problem, but I can’t revert to anything older since installing GTX 750 Ti which requires the newest drivers. Does anyone have any other solutions aside from removing the video card or SSD?

    1. I had to upgrade to the latest Nvidia drivers (mining Dogecoins) and my SSD problems haven’t come back. Maybe go back as far as you can and then forwards again?

  4. It turns out that the newly released video card was causing the instability. Apparently it can’t be installed prior to windows updates, or any updates really. I had to re-install windows without the card installed then grab windows update, then do a clean uninstall of the ATI drivers from the update. After that I installed the card and updated the Nvidia drivers. Everything works great now.

    I suppose this wasn’t a related issue, but we did have very similar symptoms. I’m just glad the SSD isn’t bad. =D

  5. I had a similar problem. Installed an SSD (Samsung 840EVO mSATA) in my 4-years old Windows 7 pc (still SATA II), and whenever I wanted to copy data to it, it froze completely. I tried your suggestion of switching off the AHCI in the BIOS, but for some reason the pc refused to boot after that. So I had no alternative but to keep AHCI selected.

    Then I phoned Samsung and they managed to solve the problem. Apparently there are problems with nVidia’s SATA drivers. Samsung suggested I uninstall the current driver (control panel, device manager, SATA drivers) and reboot the computer. This would allow windows to install a driver by its own (no idea which version though).

    Much to my surprise this solved the entire issue!

  6. I’m having problems with my computer too in Windows 7. I am running windows directly off of an SSD (240GB’s), and it was already in IDE mode and I just turned on S.M.A.R.T. with the same problems still occuring. I’m considering moving to Linux because of this, it’s fucking annoying as hell. Or maybe ill just run Windows off the slowest HDD I can find on the market. Damnit. Thanks for the post, at least theres hope.

  7. I just put a new PC together and installed Win 7 on an SSD. While I’m downloading and installing various drivers, Win 7 will randomly freeze and I have to hit the power button for a hard reset. I didn’t update Win 7 before installing the graphics drivers. I wonder if this is what’s causing the problem. Will give it a go tonight.

  8. I owned a Kingston V300, and had the same problem with freezing which mainly occurs while streaming youtube videos.

    I solved the issue and I think 1 year later the problem came back again, now I not only have problem streaming youtube videos but also using the computer

    When i stream videos, it hangs, the sound becomes blurry and a buzzing sound can be heard it is super loud.

    Other then using youtube, my PC has the occasional hang for 20-30s, which is kind of annoying, hoping after reading this i will solve this issue.

    i suspect its the Nividia drivers and will consider rolling back the drivers since i nva had this problem for a year and it must have gotten to do with the updates….

  9. For those of you who could not fix the problem, it seemed to be Intel AMT in my case (Lenovo T410s). Try to disable it in BIOS. AMT probably was probably not compatible with my SSD.

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