The War Z: Devious criticism in an unfriendly forum

The War Z

When the developers of a game, The War Z in this case, are deleting all negative comments on the Steam forum you have to be clever to get your critical message across. (via)

I played The War Z briefly when Paul gave me a 2 day pass. It’s very like DayZ but monetised. You have multiple character slots and when one character dies you have to wait before using that character again. Apparently they’ve increased that wait from 1 hour to 4 hours except if you pay money to respawn instantly. This is after paying for the base game too! There may be issues with getting refunds too but in an interview the developers say you can get a refund from Steam. Not a great way to launch a new game.

The War Z is not for me. Running through empty scenery between locations, crawling around in the dirt avoiding zombies, watching out for other players gets boring very quickly. At least with DayZ I was able to play the excellent Arma II when I got bored of running away from zombies or dying of thirst after running across the map to attempt to meet up with friends.

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