1:51 of utter cuteness

If you’ve had enough of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, bailouts, the Euro defaulting, rising oil prices and the rest of the bad news you’ll enjoy this video.

By chance we have a Shitzu at home and a black and white cat (daughter of this cute little fella). They’re friendly but not like these two!

I expect this video will be pulled from Youtube just as soon as the copyright holder matches the song.. Oh well. :(


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2 thoughts on “1:51 of utter cuteness”

  1. V. Cute, v.friendly, anyone from the BOGUS copyright cartel that pulls the audio, these days i just expect the audio to go, deserves what is coming to them.
    The copyright cartel has no interest in that of the performers, authors etc., just lining their own feathered nests. lets throw them and the bankers down the same sewer.

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