Friends vs Friends on Bad Company 2

The other night we played Bad Company 2 on PS3 for a few hours with almost a full team of us on Skype! Unfortunately due to the match making system in the game not everyone could get on the same team despite repeated attempts to do so.

A couple of others were off Skype and missed the hilarity of inter-team communication but they also didn’t have to mind that enemy players were within ear shot and could take advantage of spoken comments..

Regardless, it was a great night. Here are some clips I put together from a few of those games. Thanks to everyone who could make it. Xbox Night next or PS3 again?

Make sure to check out the summary post Paul made on the Bravo 2 Company website too. He linked to David and Gavin’s videos too!

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7 thoughts on “Friends vs Friends on Bad Company 2”

  1. Well I think xbox personally will be a better so we can get a couple of the guys fairly new to it involved but the PSN night was so hilarious so we need to do it again and soon!

    So is James a new member? Gamertag? And if so welcome ;)

    1. Gamertag MacManX, please feel free to add me. :)

      Had the day off work, so I spent most of the day on Bad Company 2, but it sure is a lot more fun when you can actually talk to someone and work as a real team.

      1. Awesome, thanks! Nice stats too! I’ll get my KDR up soon, it’s only because I had a bad habit of “Rambo Reviving.” I have since learned that one must clear the area first. ;)

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