Bad Company 2 Harvest Day

Woah, lots of leaked videos coming out. This one is Harvest Day. David says that the G3 is now the weapon of choice, replacing the AN-94 but others say the F2000 is now a beast!

Might hop online for a game or two!

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6 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Harvest Day”

    1. Just got overpowered by lots of G3 wielding level 50 players in a game of SDM. My aiming has gone to the dogs since I started playing Black Ops.

      Oh, the store mentions map pack 7 and the Vietnam expansion, but no dates yet. Probably be tomorrow though.

  1. OK Now I know I’m wishing I had a PS3 and wishing I could team up with you guys and also have never played (booo) but just what is this video about and hell yeah shoot me for saying it ;)

    1 min 20 seconds of driving out of 1.34 I dont get it – sorry

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