The Skorpian in COD4 Modern Warfare is a…

The Skorpian in COD4 Modern Warfare is a beast, for a starter gun. I leveled up to rank 4 last night and at random chose this gun in one of my custom classes. It’s incredibly powerful at close range. I won numerous 1 on 1 close quarter battles with it, even earning a few UAVs against more experienced players.

(Not me playing, obviously)

Score wise I didn’t do particularly well in any game as my KDR was rarely positive but later on we jumped into Bad Company 2 Conquest. I did alright, until the server started throwing me out at regular intervals. Level 50 medics with M60s are getting to be a bit of cliche in that game. After suffering one too many deaths at the hands of the AN-94 I swapped back to that weapon myself and rediscovered how utterly powerful it is. (Sorry Mike for scaring you, I wanted to practise rapid firing the fire button!)

I had a few games of squad deathmatch too, losing the first but then almost everyone backed out for the second game and most teams only had one player. I led the game for the first 11 kills. Good buzz, but it got so boring and it was late so I didn’t have time to waste.

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  1. I always try the multiplayer in whatever game I’ve just cleared, the Avatar multiplayer involved waiting 5 mins and then i was in a game with one person.
    Also the sniper game I mentioned the other day was Sniper Ghost Warrior, which in multiplayer involves everyone playing as a sniper, so EVERYONE CAMPS and waits for someone to walk around…….for up to an hour. (Also you’re not a ghost, much less a warrior ghost).

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