Turn off that Playstation!

You probably know already, if you have an original “fat” Playstation 3 don’t turn it on. There’s a serious bug that may (will?) destroy save games and other data! Yikes! More here.

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0 thoughts on “Turn off that Playstation!

    1. Thankfully it’s a slim model. My son’s got back into watching Cars lately and it’s ripped on it for convenience!

      What about your one? I presume it’s a slim too?

      1. Oops, didn’t subscribe to replis on this one. Nope, it’s a good old fat one. Was offline for the whole day which isn’t really a major issue. One thing that was particularly irksome was that it wouldn’t even play games offline!

        1. I just subscribed to your comments feed, might as well and save myself clicking that subscribe checkbox all the time. Must chat to the other devs about making that clicked on when you’ve previously subbed to the comments on a post.

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