The Irish Blog Awards in Pictures

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, we were at The Irish Blog Awards on Saturday night. Here are a few photos. They’re after the jump because there are 70 there and I’d hate to see them load every time someone loaded the front page of my site!

Gallery of shots from the photowalk to come tomorrow. Possibly over 100 shots in that. I do like to take photos don’t I?


BTW – Please Photoshop Grandad above. What’s he saying? Two example to follow ..

Grandad by Twentymajor
by Twenty Major (you had to be there!)

Grandad by Grandad
by Grandad himself!

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6 thoughts on “The Irish Blog Awards in Pictures”

  1. Hi,Donncha some great photo’s. Could I “steal~borrow” 19 & 52. Would like to use them on my blog if possible. You should enter the competition with some of those speech bubble images.

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