Wacky Waiters

Wacky Waiters was one of the first games I played on the Commodore Vic-20. Hands up if you ever played it? No. I’m not surprised. I’m sure there are people reading this post that were born after it was released in 1982 ..

  • John Breslin lists some of the Web 2.0 Corkonians! I wouldn’t go so far as to say I cofounded Automattic, I was the first employee though!
  • The old and new testaments compared.
  • Treasa’s amazing photo of a kite surfer flying over her head.
  • Walter announced Self Notes, an online note taker. Here’s my obligatory Hello World message.
  • Haydn wonders who has time to explore social software like Facebook.
  • I went down to the gallery in Kinsale recently and signed a few more prints there. It’s wonderful what time away from the prints does. I get a whole new perspective and appreciation for them all over again. They look wonderful! (even if I do say so myself!)
  • Asok died but they brought him back. Good thing he studied shape shifting ..
  • How to create your own planet with the GIMP or Photoshop. (via DSLR Blog)
  • The days are getting shorter as Winter sets in. Here’s some interesting ways to use shadows. That inspired me yesterday to take a couple of unusual shots.
  • Acquia is a new startup focusing on Drupal development. Another GPL project gets corporate support. Great! Good luck with the venture.

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10 thoughts on “Wacky Waiters

  1. Never had a Vic 20 but around the same time I got my first computer in 1982 which was an Oric 1 with 48k RAM.

    I still have it here and just over a year ago it was still working!

  2. I’m impressed! I was sure nobody else would remember that game. Cool :)

    I have a box full of old cassettes, must dig into them and take a photo!

  3. I know this is an old story, but where did you find this game. I must have it! I had a TRS-80 when I was a kid and I don’t remember it on that system. As a waiter born in 82, I would find it nostalgic.

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