Even the big boys have trouble too

I’m shocked. Paypal.com is down. I need to lie down.

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4 thoughts on “Even the big boys have trouble too

  1. Just in case you notice any wackyness around here, I’m testing a super-charged version of WP-Cache. It does for WordPress what the build process does for MT: serves static html files with no intervention from a scripting language.

    Sssshh. Don’t tell anyone!

  2. Paypal probably reached a critical level of security vulnerabilities and had no other option but to shut itself down. Paypal has more holes and backdoors than a brothel.

  3. Absolutely Des. I got done recently with the now common Skype credit scam through my paypal account. Paypal refunded the money quickly to be fair to them but offered no explanation as to how it happened. Phishing was not involved.

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