Weather? It's scorchio in Lanzarote!

Writing here from a very hot Lanzarote! We’ll be back in Ireland on Saturday but it’s been a blast! Dining out every night, relaxing, seeing the sights such as El Golfo, Cuevo De Los Verde and more..
Wait ´til you see the photos next week!

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5 thoughts on “Weather? It's scorchio in Lanzarote!”

  1. I’m surprised it took you this long to write a post, you must be having a great time! The weather’s crap here, more like November than May. See ya at the weekend.

  2. I met two girs at Lanzarote, Playa Flamingo in may/june 1998. 16 and 17 years old, from Southampton…
    It it possible to find them in a way or another ??
    Heeelp mee !!

  3. trying to find Nathalie and hayley from Southampton… they were at Lanzarote, Blue Village Playa Flammingo in May/june 1998.. 16 and 17 years old..
    Help me

  4. I understand El Golfo is a volcano with a beautiful lake in the crater. Must have been a wonderful trip. Too bad the weather was so hot.

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