The Top Gear Survey 2005

If you were watching Top Gear tonight you no doubt took note of the Survey they released results for. They’re on the web but the lads in the studio didn’t have or couldn’t give out the URL. If you followed the suggest Google search, you’d have come across these two beauties:

  • BBC – Top Gear Survey 2005 Results which appears to only show a summary. The top and bottom ten as well as category winners.
  • The real meat is on where they list all the cars entered as well as marques and ratings for each car.

I noticed with relish that Toyota are no. 5 in the manufacturer’s list. Surprisingly, Skoda are in second position, just behind Lexus. The purchase of Skoda by VW has paid off in recent years!

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7 thoughts on “The Top Gear Survey 2005

  1. Just a quick note to say thanks – cos i was ‘lost’ by the lack of meaningful information on the link to the Top Gear survey that i was led to by the presenters of the programme – like you said, just the top and bottom 10 (no help for most of us with cars not in those narrow bands!

  2. Mrs. Byrne from Avondale c.c co. Wicklow is a nice, gental, soft hearted teacher!!! Tanks for all your work wit our 3rd year French Class year{2004}. THANKS MISS!!!!

  3. WoohooH! Another Top Gear nut!
    I noticed sales of Top Gear mag have rocketed in the past 18 months. At least one out of every three people who buy it are women. Rock on.. (or could it be because of the James May & Jeremy Clarson piccies?)- Richard doesn’t work for Top Gear mag any more- boo hoo. Methinks partly so….

  4. Respected Sir,
    I want some info.

    Which One Is The Best ?

    1. BMW 740i (p)
    2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class : S 350L (p)

    Kind Regards,
    Nitin Goyal.

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