Sunday Times – stories and articles

From last week’s Sunday Times:

  • Sig Hansen – fisherman and skipper on the Berring Sea, one of the deadliest jobs in the world.
  • The pen is mightier – how a pen saved the astronauts of Apollo 11 on the Moon!
  • Sin cities – Britains’s inner city streets are awash with guns. Here’s the story how one minor incident ended up with the deaths of many and cost the police £5m to resolve.
  • American royalty – What was it like to grow up surrounded by the Kennedy family? Christopher Keddy Lawford tell us. Part 2 was published this week.

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One thought on “Sunday Times – stories and articles”

  1. Blimey. The Sin cities article’s a bit of an eye-opener. I suppose we could make gun crime legal, then there wouldn’t be a problem that needed fixing. Like drugs, really.

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