An Ceili Mor – Part 1

The Ceile Mor was held in Cork City last Saturday in an attempt to break the world record for the largest Irish dancing event ever! The organisers hoped to get over 10,000 partipants, but as it was, they managed 8,371 which was enough to beat the previous record held by the town of Dublin in the USA! Here’s a few pictures from the day. Ryan has plenty more shots too!

Click for a larger panoramic image (432K)

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6 thoughts on “An Ceili Mor – Part 1

  1. Tried getting a picture of the oompa loompa girls (7th pic down) but they hid when they saw the camera (or was that me???). Nice shots.

  2. I got a couple of shots of them afterwards! There were about 6 of them and they were very shy at first! Thankfully they plucked up the courage to pose for a few shots for me which I’ll post later.

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  4. I was in Cork for a holiday an i was at the Mór and it was an great experince to be there,and i enjoyd every moment of it.
    many thanks
    Henrie from holland

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