Spreadsheet Templates

Every now and again I need to dig into Open Office to create a document, be it a report, or a spreadsheet.
Thankfully Linux has been able to read Word and Excel files for some time as that’s what the world and it’s dog use!
Anyway, I needed an invoice template, and came across these Open Office extras listing lots of templates for Writer, Calc and Draw. Several very useful examples there too!
Here’s a few sample reports in PDF format. Obviously it’s harder to edit, but at least they’ll provide for inspiration when creating your own documents!

The Gypsy Kings in Cork!

We went to see the Gypsy Kings play in Cork last night. It was a great concert but we were slightly disappointed that they didn’t play their older stuff that we knew better. Still, they got the crowd hopping, and I’ve never seen such a mix of young and old at one concert!