– 9 Euro Cent Photos!

Has anyone used to print their photos? Prices seem to be too good to be true!
I received an email from Pixaco who now ship to Ireland. They’re very competitive too with prices starting at 14 Cent/photo!

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3 thoughts on “ – 9 Euro Cent Photos!”

  1. I used First batch were perfect. Scratch through second batch. Have used their “contact us” page twice to try contact them. Have not as yet received a reply which I think is very unprofessional. They could at least send an e-mail to say they had received my query. Cannot find a direct e-mail address for them.

  2. Spectra Photo on Patrick Street, Cork have a good deal going. 50 prints for €8.50. I’ve used them in the past and been very happy with the quality. I don’t know how long they’ll be doing that offer however so check first before you burn that CD of images!

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