Standard vs Fine, Resolution and Printing

Someone asked on STF about the differences between Standard and Fine digital camera compression. A reply pointed to this page showing examples of each. I don’t think the example photos are great however, being rather flat and hazy. I agree with his conclusion though, except the resolution issue – I may want to print out my photos in the future!
This guide gives a reasonable idea how well your photos will print out. I haven’t printed any 11×14″ or 16×20″ photos yet, but you never know. I think I’ll stick with 2560×1920 pixels and standard compression! That’s a good compromise between resolution, quality and file size.
I almost forgot. The Sony F717 has a “2560(3×2)” mode. This is actually 2560×1712. Looks like widescreen tv and doesn’t save much space but could be handy if you knew you were making 6×4″ prints later.

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