Iraq – EU supporter?

What if the US attacked Iraq to prop up the US Dollar? This article delves into that idea.

Iraq is a European Union beachhead in that confrontation. America had a monopoly on the oil trade, with the US dollar being the fiat currency, but Iraq broke ranks in 1999, started to trade oil in the EU’s euros, and profited. If America invades Iraq and takes over, It will hurl the EU and its euro back into the sea and make America’s position as the dominant economic power in the world all but impregnable.

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One thought on “Iraq – EU supporter?

  1. the us invaded iraq because a group of people came into power who believed that america should dominate the 21st century using its military and economic might.

    they’re called the project for a new american century and they even have a web page.

    the oil priced in euros thing is just a silly distraction. the real story is scary enough.

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