Cleaning up my links

Blame the power cut earlier – I only had a half-dozen pages open, now I have a few more.. Letting Camera Phone Users Off The Hook – 3.2MP camera phones in Japan? Ooooh! Nice! My phone’s got one of them memory cards that I can read from my PC. Good thing too because my blue-tooth dongle’s broken :(
Cockeyed Prank! hehe.
David Josborn – nice panoramic landscapes, and why most landscapes suck.
85 Must-Take Shots – I took photos at two weddings this summer. Got some great shots but here’s good ideas for what the payed-for guy could shoot!
Blue Marble – amazing photos of big ol’ Earth!
Amazing cloud shots in Nebraska, USA.
Portrait Manipulation – several examples of photoshop work.
The day began, as it often does, with an angry pink phallus.
The Best of Still Photojournalism 2004
Swimming With Sharks – 21 hours of daylight? *yawn*

Why I'm not switching to WordPress

Neil has quite a few reasons for sticking with MT, which he outlines in his essay here. Hopefully my integration of Smarty will put to bed some of those reasons but inertia is the first reason he has for not moving and I guess he never will, no matter what anyone argues.
Thank you Matt for your kind comments WRT my work!

After the Rain

After the rains of last week I was glad to see this rainbow appear. It was a good sign, it’s been a lot sunnier since! (writing this on Friday, if it rains over the weekend don’t blame me for tempting fate!)
Later… Yes, it was a lovely weekend with some showers but that quaranteed gorgeous cloudy skies, shadows and rainbows! More pics to come later in the week!