Digital -> Print, nobody's doing it!

According to this post on PhotographyBLOG the number of users printing photographs is decreasing. That’s a shame as many people aren’t comfortable with viewing photos on a computer.
I’m expecting my photos from spectra and mypixmania today or tomorrow. Both sites vary widely in their user-friendlyness.
On the Spectra Photo website you’re not allowed delete the photos you’ve uploaded. There’s a 30MB limit, therefore you’re limited in the number of photos you can print at one time (and considering there’s a €1.80 P&P charge that’s a major percentage of the overall printing cost)
If you want more space you have to pay for it, but if you order prints they’ll give you another 30MB, how kind eh?
Mypixmania is much more useful, and has loads of features and is generally more friendly. Prices are low, even if quoted in British Pounds. (No, I’m not going to order from the French/German/other site!)
I have yet to try as John suggested previously.

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