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Mark on PhotographyBLOG linked to several interesting articles recently..

  • White Balance – but he missed the most useful wb tip I know: Use the “Cloudy” setting when you’re outside. No matter if it’s sunny or cloudy this setting will make your photos appear richer in colour! Make sure you change the white balance when you go inside though. I always forget!
  • Photos of Holland – I like the “Just Married” one, especially considering the last photo!
  • Histogram Tips – I thought I had linked to this before, but the date says June 17, 2004 so who am I to argue? Lots here. Worth delving into.
  • Beyond Megapixels – 3 articles that I think were linked from /. were they?
  • Boring Photographs are the bane of every photographer, but we all go through stages where we just lack that extra something that helps us take great photos!

Via Blogsnob, I came across this photoblog – good photos and interesting techniques displayed! His Collaborative Site is an interesting idea. Hmm.
Further on the histogram topic, Garret linked to this article explaining and giving examples of histogram usage! Looks good, my LCD screen and even EVF aren’t very good at figuring out if an image is too dark or not.
Great photos on this blog, love this entry!

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2 thoughts on “Misc Photography Stuff

  1. On boring photographs … Ansel Adams:

    “Any photographer worth his salt has 10,000 bad negatives under his belt.”

  2. Your blog is a feast for the mind and eye. Question: any good sites,blogs etc regarding printing of digital photos? Mine, the few I’ve printed, always come out grainey, even though on screen they look good. thanks if you have the time. If not, thanks anyway and keep on bloggin’

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