Gimme your VOIP links!

I’m researching VOIP options and Vonage looks rather promising as I haven’t a clue what acronyms like SIP and NAPTR stand for, but is a “blog on SIP, VoIP, IP Telephony and all that is IP communications” and has already increased my knowledge somewhat.
Thankfully murble on #linux pointed me at FWD which looks very promising!

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8 thoughts on “Gimme your VOIP links!

  1. You’ve asked for some VoIP links – hope you don’t mind me plugging my own site!

    You’ll find the forums pretty friendly if you want to ask some questions – we have a nice bunch on there.

    SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It basically initiates the phone call by looking up where Phone A is, and finding where Phone B is, and then hooking the two together.

    Hope that makes sense……

  2. I just wonder why James trackbacked my blog when he didn’t even mention this post. Sorry James – I mangled your url, but thanks for looking!

  3. Broadtalk voice over broadband service offers unlimited phone calls to over 30 worldwide destinations from €14.99 per month. All customers also receive a free local number.
    Lowcost VoIP adapters/routers , IP Phones and software are available from our online store

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