Switching from PHP to Zope/Python

Now here’s an interesting discussion on kuro5hin.org
I’ve always wanted to look at Zope, as it’s based on Python I thought it’d offer me lovely OO programming and fast development. Reading some of the comments here I have to wonder, especially in light of Russell’s rant about the complexity of Java. (Picked up by Keith who might be a deceptive right-wing troll but he writes some good techie stuff!)
But then I think there’s room for both types – pure computer scientists who will most likely drive future ideas, and those that get the job done in the real world.

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One thought on “Switching from PHP to Zope/Python

  1. Yes, spend a few months learning Zope. You will not regret it! It can be just as complex as Java so please do not fear complexity… complex problems require complex solutions.

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