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Hmm, here’s a slightly outdated list of Irish blogs. It’s missing all but one of the blogs hosted here, and my own blog is listed at the old site. Still, found an interesting blog by an American in Cork!
And here’s a blog that syndicates lots of Irish blogs, including this one!

Wow! Hailstone shower outside.. I am not going out to Blarney to put up that damn boundary fence tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Irish Blogs

  1. The only reason blogs are missing from the iloggers list is because people haven’t submitted their site and that of course is entirely their prerogative.

    In the past when, I would add weblogs as I found them, however this led to problems, a minority did not wish to be listed and asked to be removed, so I don’t do this anymore.

    Is the list incomplete? Yes.
    Is it outdated? No.
    I’ve added over 100 sites in the last year and requests for modifications are dealt with as rapidly as time permits.

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