b2++ – 0.8

Finally, a new release of b2++! This is a minor release, putting the features we’ve been using here on blogs.linux.ie into a release for wider distribution!
New in this release:

  • Comment Moderation: Every comment, pingback and trackback must now be validated before they’re displayed. Bye bye comment spam!
  • Referer Blacklisting: You can add any referer in your backend to a blacklist. The next time someone visits from that site the referer doesn’t show up on your site.
  • Minor bugs with the smilies in b2edit.
  • Added Pirate Speak plugin by Dougal Campbell.

If you’re upgrading from b2++ 0.7, then download the upgrade package and copy the src/ directory into your b2++ install and run the upgrade script. That’ll update your database tables properly.
New users should of course download the full b2++ package.

New users: b2++ 0.8 tar.gz | zip
Existing users: b2++ 0.7 -> 0.8 upgrade tar.gz | zip

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