Buying a house in Ireland

Well, it would appear that Jeremy is buying a house as is John (hope the signing went well!), but they’re in the USA. What about Ireland?
I’m buying too, and hoping to have everything sorted within a month. I did mean to blog what was happening but as it’s a business fraught with uncertainties I didn’t want to say much until things had progressed along a bit.
I expect the engineer will inspect the property sometime this week so once that’s out of the way I’ll post some links to oasis, info on costs, and how maddening the whole process can get!
‘Course, I’m going to be completely broke for the forseeable future so I’ll have plenty of time to compose this article. :)

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One thought on “Buying a house in Ireland

  1. Look on the bright side — at least you won’t be paying the Silicon Valley prices Jeremy’s talking about ;)

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