Me photographed?

In a break with tradition, I was the subject of a photographer yesterday as I browsed the shelves of a local hi-fi store. This guy popped a camera up, off went the flash and I was captured on digital media!
I asked him what the photo was for, and he replied that my photo could be in the Evening Echo some night this week, so I’ll have to go buy that esteemed publication for a few days, just in case. I showed him my “measly” Sony F717, but I don’t think he was impressed.
Bah! Bloody professionals!
Update! Buy tonight’s Echo! I’m on page 17! My one consolation is that only people in Cork will likely see the photo. *grin*

If nobody speaks of remarkable things

I need a “book review” category! This, the first book from Jon McGregor, is a brilliant story! Most of the way through it I wondered why I bought it, as it’s about the mundane lives of the people living in a street of flats in some city in the UK. There must be some dozen characters there, from the old couple who walk to the bus, to the twins playing cricket, to the main character whose life we follow throughout. I guess that’s what attracts so many people to Soaps – everyday life.
The remarkable thing? I’ll leave that up to you to find out. It’s a good yarn, and cleverly mixes the past with the present. This Google Search will lead you to more about this book.

Trouble in France

Via Keith comes this link to a scathing “overview of France”. Some of the comments are hilarious! Some are so full of hypocrisy that I want to vomit, but it’s irresistible stuff! Finally, here’s one comment that got me thinking:

The bombing (October 3, 1980) was at a Jewish synagogue on the Rue Copernic and killed four people. As I recall, the Prime Minister was outraged, not that Jews were targeted, but as he said at the time, that “innocent Frenchmen” were wounded. Pigs.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those people French too? Is a person a Jew first, then a member of their country? Should I change the by-line on my blog so it reads:

The weblog of a Catholic Irishman, Donncha O Caoimh.
All about PHP, web development, Catholic and Irish news and other stuff.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less what religion any particular person is as long as they live by the law of the land and treat people fairly. Terrorism from any side should be abhorred.
I agree that there’s trouble in France, but the same exists in every country – the rich get richer, and the poor just survive and watch the divide between them ever expand.

I like reading sites that challenge me, that are so completely different to my world view that I need to wrap my head around it and think carefully about what I’m reading. That’s one reason I like Keith’s blog! He’s a good techie but if we ever met we’d have an interesting conversation about politics!

Photos from the gig

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After that lovely comment below from Owen, I thought I should post some of the photos from last night.. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image!
I like the first image, even though it was the first I took, and a test shot. The original was a bit dark and had to be lightened in the GIMP. The other two were taken without flash, and at a distance of about 5m. That’s very tough to do with stage lighting – conditions go from excellent (bright/yellow/white light) to bad (red/blue light) to downright difficult (performer walks into a shadow) within seconds of each other!
More photos to follow!