Images of Chicago

Here’s the first few pics. They’re all drastically cut down to fit here!

Taken at North Michigan, from the river. The building in the foreground is the Wrigley Building. The background building is the Chicago Tribune Building. It’s famous for it’s unusual architecture! Thanks to Ark/#LUNI for the corrections and additional information.

This is the guy who gave us a tour last Sunday. As you can see, it was a beautiful day! Got quite windy out on the lake though! You can see the L (elevated train) travelling across the river in the background.

A lock seperates the Chicago River from Lake Michigan. This is the inner lock.

While waiting for the lock to close behind us I snapped these kids looking at the local wild fowl.

This is part of Navy Pier – a huge tourist attraction in Chicago.

A sailing ship approaches Chicago. You can see some of the downtown skyline, voted the second most beautiful skyline in the world (Sydney got first place). I think that’s the Sears Tower in-between the sails..

More pictures to come!

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