Travel Insurance, and last minute stuff!

Getting travel insurance is a pain. It’s my own fault really as I didn’t go about getting it earlier. bah!
It’s nigh on impossible to buy insurance from most travel shops in Cork. You have to have booked a flight/holiday with them as well. One shop was willing to sell me insurance, but then they discovered their internet connection was down so they couldn’t order it online. I offered to get them up and running again but..
Eventually, after queueing for about half an hour in various shops I tried USIT. It was full of students looking for J1 visas and that took another hour. Thankfully I had Stunt Car Racer on the 7650 to keep me occupied!
The VHI were no help. Their Global product costs from €2,000 to €4,000 for the 3 months. Their Plan B only covers me up to $65,000 which isn’t much in the USA.
Everything’s sorted now, met up with Ruairi and Louise. Congrats to the two of you! The ring is lovely! Bumped into Peter Flynn too. We must start the CorkLUG meets again when I get back!
Now to pack..

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