SpamAssassin – web based Bayesian training?

The latest release of SpamAssassin has support for Bayesian analysis. You have to train it and it gets better.
The only problem is SpamAssassin uses a command line app, sa-learn, to learn about your mail. Who’ll volunteer to create a web-based form to copy and paste spam/legitimate mail to train it? Adding an “upload file” button would be great too to for those mass-mail learning situations when you come into work in the morning..
It should be easy enough, although you’ll have to use su-exec or something to add rules to different user’s accounts. So, who’s up for it then?

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One thought on “SpamAssassin – web based Bayesian training?”

  1. If you’re still interested in this, I’ve hacked up a script in the last day or so in perl/bash that lets you upload a saved message and adds it to a specified user’s Bayes DB as spam or ham. It’s pretty much just a file upload field linked to a wrapper script with some rudimentry taint checking, but it’s certainly saving me some time classifying mail.

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