Walkies! That's a word likely …

Walkies! That’s a word likely to get many dogs running around in circles excited at the prospect of a walk. My dog Spring is the same.
Last week we took Spring to the vet because she hasn’t been eating well. After a blood test was taken it turns out she has some kidney damage and well, she’s growing old. She’s a 13 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel.
The vet gave her several injections and she’s feelng much better now, and she’s on a special diet low in protein, and high in phosphorous (I think). It all helps, but time is ticking away and we’ll have to make a hard decision in a few months time.
This afternoon I took her out for a walk down to the Atlantic Pond here in Blackrock. She had a great time! I snapped plenty of photos, and even used the movie function of my camera to capture a few moments of her showing a stick who’s the boss. Up until today I never used the movie function much, but I’m glad it’s there now!
Anyway, that was a completely non-techie and non-current-affairs update from me this time. I’ll likely post some photographs in a few days.. I snapped a few nice ones.

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