Having just spent the last hal …

Having just spent the last half hour working in Word I’m not going to rant about Open Office. Word works better than Open Office from what I can see. It’s the small things.
Like when you have a bullet list and you tab indented text below the bullet. In Word, that text aligns with the text above. In Word, when you create a number list there’s plenty of whitespace around each number, not so in Open Office (by default, is that configurable, should I RTFM?)
And finally, I hate word processors of all types. Every time I go near one I end up spending half my time arranging bullet lists in some way, or maybe a number list doesn’t start at 1 for some arcane reason, or text in a paragraph looks like it’s slowly leaning in one direction..
Programming is a walk in the park compared to that. At least that’s got some logic, and I can usually explain what’s going on. Give me HTML and CSS any day.

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