I just upgraded to the latest …

I just upgraded to the latest Galeon and Mozilla binaries at work. Nice. Feels snappier (and I would notice on this machine!). I asked Kate why he didn’t update http://developers.antefacto.net/download/anti_aliased_mozilla/ but he pointed out that you could add the following to prefs.js to get anti-aliased fonts in Mozilla (works in Galeon too!)

user_pref("font.FreeType2.enable", "true");
user_pref("font.directory.truetype.1", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype");
user_pref("font.directory.truetype.2", "/mnt/dosc/winnt/fonts");

Didn’t see that anywhere. oh well!

The new Mozilla is much nicer, and fixes the security bug that was publicized last week.

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