I'm a Mandrake Club member. I …

I’m a Mandrake Club member. I paid $60 for a year’s subscription. Am I upset that I can’t get Star Office for free? No, that doesn’t bother me. I paid for the membership so that the development of Free Software would be supported.
And to those that say that Star Office is closed source software, and that Mandrake shouldn’t support it, each copy of that software sold probably helps keep Sun interested in funding development of the GPL Open Office suite.
I’ll use Open Office anyway, on the very rare occasion that I have to open a Word document.

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One thought on “I'm a Mandrake Club member. I …

  1. Well, I too was a Mandrake Club Member back in those times.
    I’m rather happy that I’m no longer after Mandrake merged with Connectiva to form Mandriva. When they fired G. Duval, that was the final drop for me.
    Well, I’m happy using Ubuntu anyway.

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