I've got some great feedback …

I’ve got some great feedback on Install-Sendmail, including a full Danish conversion of the latest version by Morten Bo Johansen! He’ll be putting it on his own site soon, and I’ll put it up here in the next day or so.
I kept stats for the last few weeks and these are the best referers I’ve tracked:

  1. Freshmeat – 1576
  2. Linuxberg – 196
  3. Redhat – 137
  4. Webwatcher – 91
  5. Linux.ie – 90
  6. Root.cz – 55
  7. Tunelinux – 52
  8. Linux.box – 30
  9. http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~conradp/linux/ – 12
  10. Demo Scene Webring – 11
  11. Linuxlinks – 9
  12. Linux-Center – 9
  13. Altavista – 9
  14. Linux.inkh.net – 7
  15. Linuxapps – 7
  16. Linux Gazette – 5
  17. Alans Information Center – 4

Want the perl script that got that information? Mail me and tell me you’re interested and I’ll make a tar.gz of it and put it up here. It consists of a perl script that grabs the referer to a file and another perl script which parses that file.
Interested in knowing what I do for a living? Take a look at this Linux In Industry report on linux.ie!

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